Woman realises why she’s always tired after catching culprit on night camera


A woman was in hysterics when she discovered that her cat was the reason why she wasn’t sleeping properly.

Cat owner Susie, known as @susieandmollie on TikTok, knew something wasn’t right when she would wake up each morning feeling just as tired as when she went to bed.

Determined to solve the mystery, she set up a night vision camera to record her sleeping – and she caught the culprit red-handed, reports Daily Star.

In a video that has been viewed more than 260,000 times on the social media platform, Susie can be seen lying in her bed while the TV plays cartoons in the background.

When out of nowhere, two glowing eyes come into view.

Her cat Ginger casually trots over to her as she sleeps and lifts his paw before suddenly prodding her sharply in the arm.

But he doesn’t just do this the once, he does it again and again – for hours.

The video then fast-forwards, showing the cat hitting the sleeping woman from the hours of 11pm to 3am, pretty much solving the reason for her daytime sleepiness.

Since being posted, the video has been liked almost 39,000 times and received more than 500 comments.

One person said: “Mine did the same and now I lift the covers and she climbs in and falls asleep with me. Try it! They like the warmth and tight cozy places.”

Another said: “My cat does this! She will harass me ALL night some nights.

“I’ve read it’s because she’s a senior and older cats get dementia and sometimes are confused.”

And a third joked: “Ginger says ‘excuse me I need pets’.”

But a few people asked her whether she has sleep apnea as “sometimes cats will check on you if they’re worried about you,” said one person.