Man who thought he had ordered bargain drill left in stitches when it arrives


One man recently thought he’d snagged a bargain after ordering a drill online.

He found the 18v lithium-ion cordless drill available for £20 – and immediately ordered it.

But unsurprisingly, what turned up wasn’t what was anticipated – as it turned out to be an illustration of the drill in question.

Naturally, people were left in stitches by the unfortunate delivery.

And we doubt the man was keen to attach the picture to the wall – it would feel like a constant reminder of the time you failed to order a drill.

The man’s loving son posted a photo of the illustration on Reddit, after being amused by his dad’s gaffe.

He posted: “My dad bought a drilling machine on Wish. This just arrived.”

In the comments, he explained: “He’s old and doesn’t know English very well, so he bought actually thinking it was a drill and only found out it wasn’t when it arrived.

“After it arrived I went and checked the ad for him, it actually says it’s a sign, but it’s clearly overpriced for a sign and low-priced for a drill, nonetheless a scam.”

One person drily commented: “Too bad he doesn’t have a drill to mount that tin sign to the wall.”

Another joked: “Wish not fulfilled.”

One sage seller added: “Buyer beware. But if the deal from the mystery online company is too good to be true, it is.

“I should say without exception. Facebook ads are also rampant with deals like that.”

Another poster warned: “Always read the description.”

Meanwhile, some Marks & Spencer’s customers were feeling disappointed after the national chain removed a bottle of wine from its popular £10 dine-in deal.

It previously had included a bottle of wine or a soft drink and cost shoppers £12.

The popular offer has won the hearts (and stomachs) of thousands of customers over the year.

But the latest option only offers a starter, main and dessert – with no drinks on offer.

One woman tweeted: “Unreasonably cross about Marks & Spencers removing the wine from their previously excellent Dine In deal.”